Drained. Tired. Discouraged. Are you feeling life is being sucked out of you? Are you trapped? Isolated? Paralyzed?

Pause for a moment. Ponder. Selah!


Take a deep breath. And receive the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit! He is the Breath of God. He is the Gift of the Father to us. And through Him we cry, “Abba, Father”. And in a heartbeat we are one with the Father. And we receive His peace.

Confused. Dreams shattered to pieces. No hope. No help. Locked up in a world of fear. The disciples felt powerless. He’s gone. Jesus is dead. It’s over. Feeling lost. Isolated. Orphaned.

Then He came back. Passing through man-made walls. He broke through every fear and unbelief. Needing no invitation. Love broke through. Grave can’t keep Him. Doubt cannot stop Him. Jesus came back for His family. He returned for His friends. Love came back for the beloved. This is covenant. This is family. This is the Kingdom. Unshakeable. Unstoppable. Unchangeable. This is God’s Love.

Face to face He breathed in them the Holy Spirit. ‘Peace!’, He declared. Then the raging storm of confusion and pain suddenly ceased. The Shalom of heaven invaded their hearts. In a moment, heavenly joy, peace and rest overwhelmed their souls.

Then heaven filled the room. The atmosphere changed. It’s a new season! Just one breath of God. Everything is changed. The new have come. The old things gone.

Now He is calling you. Stop for a moment. Yield. Receive the Holy Spirit.

And from His innermost He declares to you, ‘Shalom!’

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  1. ‘. (And immediately I now enter the dunegroas arena of arguments from silence!!!) However, it is a reasonable question to ask I think….Did God ‘forget’ to tell us clearly in the Genesis story that Adam was to rule Eve and expect us to work it out from some so-called subtle details that are very wide open to debate? If the whole male-female authority issue is truly a ‘creation mandate’ from the beginning of time that God intended us to follow for all time on this earth, he certainly did not make it explicitly clear from Gen 1-3. What we DO KNOW clearly from scripture and without doubt is that God DID make man AND woman in his image and gave them BOTH the exact same mandate (Gen 1:26-28). As Cheryl teaches on one of her WIM DVDs, it is not in the character of God to be unclear about ‘sin’. His Word makes it very clear in every case what is sin and what is not (through careful repetition etc). God’s word holds together perfectly and Gen 2 cannot ‘undo’ or undermine what Gen 1 teaches.Honestly, am I just being pedantic or naefve here with my thoughts/arguments? Let me know… But iIt seems to me that we must begin with the explicit and then if we do ‘dare’ go into any possibly implicit meanings in the text, never ‘enforce’ our opinions of these on others as they are too open to misinterpretation and bias. This is the problem I see with the patriarchal argument – it ‘has’ to be based on things that are NOT explicitly taught/stated in scripture.What do you reckon?Humbly trying to learn…Kerryn


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