Small Is The New Big

I heard Dr. Lance Wallnau say that SMALL is the NEW BIG in the Kingdom of God. This is a very profound statement. It reveals God’s way of invading this earth with Heaven’s reality.

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To mention a few examples of this: God planted the Garden of Eden (heaven on earth) for Adam to steward, rule, manage and expand to the rest of the earth; God called one man, Abraham and blessed him to be a blessing to all nations; David a shepherd boy grew to be a greatest king of Israel; Jesus, born in a manger, the Savior of the world, King of all Kings and the list goes on. The parable of the mustard seed (Matthew 13:31-32) illustrates that SMALL is BIG in the Kingdom. Here’s what I got from this beautiful parable of Jesus.

First, the seed of the Kingdom is SOURCED from another world (Heaven’s perfect realm). And like the mustard seed the BIG POTENTIAL (power, nature, life, influence, increase, blessings, etc) of the Kingdom is hidden within a small package.

Secondly, it MUST BE SOWN in the RIGHT SOIL. In the parable of the sower and the seed the soil refers to the heart and the same is true here. These Kingdom seeds come to us in different ways- a word from God, an encounter of His Presence, a prophetic promise, a divine insight, a thought, an idea, a desire, a hunger, a longing, or a quest for meaning and significance, etc. Heaven never cease to sow the seeds of the Kingdom in the hearts of men. I fully believe that right this very moment there are countless ones out there who have been faithfully nurturing the mustard seeds in their hearts that would soon become the trees of the Kingdom filling the earth with heaven’s influence in the coming days. It is so crucial to know the things we have received from Him so we could steward them properly. What seeds are you nurturing in your heart? How’s the growth of each of them? What have you done to cultivate them?

Third, there is a PROCESS of growth. We cannot force growth. But we could hasten its process by providing the right soil, environment, nutrients and care. Each stage of the process is essential. We see this in the lives of Moses, David, Joseph and Jesus. All of them went through a process. The PROCESS that we go through prepares us for the PROMOTION that’s coming. Our responses to the processes and tests determine our growth, capacity, influence and authority. It is the process that brings out our true value. To illustrate this, a diamond is rare and valuable because of the process it has to go through before it is sold in expensive jewelry stores.

Fourth, the seed will grow to its FULLNESS. In the parable the mustard seed became a huge tree and the birds of the air came to nest in its branches. This is wonderful, the seed becoming a tree- A MOMENT becoming a MOVEMENT and a PROMISE in your life becoming a PLATFORM of BLESSINGS for the next generations. This is the CONVERGENCE of what God has called us to BE and to DO. At that point, the mustard seed in us becomes a tree that attracts others to come. And like the birds nesting on the branches, people will find shelter, rest, productivity, sustenance, and a higher perspective (from heaven to earth) in life from what we have done and what we have become in Him. I believe this is how we influence the world with heaven’s reality.

Have a moment with the Father today. Ask Him what Kingdom seeds you have within your heart? Do you recognize the stages of growth for each of them? What does the future look like for you once these seeds become Kingdom trees of influence to the world?

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