Fruitfulness in Intimacy

The Parable of the Vine and the Branches in John 15 contains secrets to kingdom lifestyle of fruitfulness, abundance, intimacy, authority, favor, joy and fullness of life. This parable outlines how we should live our lives on this earth as citizens of the Kingdom of God. The essence of our Christian life is captured in Jesus’ words saying, “abide in Me and I will abide in you”. This is what divine union is all about and it is only possible through the Holy Spirit alone. We have access to be in the Presence of God at all times by abiding and remaining in Jesus organically – in living, love-relationship.

Intimacy brings us to the depths of God in Christ. What is true to Christ is true to us in that place. Just as the life-giving sap of the vine flows through all the branches, all the Life that is in Christ flows through us as we remain in Him. Eternal fruits are natural by-products of this divine union with Him.  These fruits are born out of the inner workings of the Holy Spirit in and through us as we respond in faith and obedience. These fruits lead to the expansion and demonstration of the Kingdom of God to the world around us.  He is glorified when we bear much fruit and that our fruits remain. Fruits could be signs and wonders and miracles through us. Or it could be breakthroughs, victories, exploits, creativity, wisdom and all that’s available from heaven to us His children.

The fruits of our union with God in the secret place can be manifested in every aspect of our being. What happens in the secret will be rewarded in the open.  This goes beyond our responsibility and ministry in the church. It encompasses our spirit, our soul and body.  In the Old Testament, the Ark of the Covenant remained with the family of Obed-edom in his house for three months. “And the Lord blessed his family with all that he had.” (1 Chronicles 13:14). The Ark is the only physical thing in the Old Testament that ‘housed’ the glorious Presence of God.

God’s Presence brings blessings and fruitfulness. David confidently declared in the wilderness while Saul, driven by jealousy, was running after him to kill him yet he said, “my soul is satisfied with marrow and fatness” (Psalm 63:5). The physical setting around him was contrary to this proclamation, but David was so assured of the blessings and the abundance of God coming his way. Why? Because God was with him and that he made His Presence his dwelling place and refuge. In Psalm 23 he wrote, “…surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.”  How’s that for boldness and confidence.

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