Finding Rest in the Midst of Chaos

What does Moses, David, Daniel, Paul, and Elijah have in common?

These were ordinary men who became unstoppable agents of change because they chose to walk closely and intimately with God who is the Almighty.

Soaked! is a short but insightful pocket-sized book designed to help you journey into the secret place and experience face-to-face encounters with the Presence of God

Reading this book will help you:

  • Find peace in the midst of uncertainty
  • Cultivate a life of ‘soaking’ in God’s presence
  • Nurture intimacy with God by allowing His presence to dwell in your heart
  • Grow your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit through bite-sized wisdom and simple practices

Soaked! is not just another informative title to add to your bookshelf. It’s a very practical devotional on how to experience God in your daily life

What happens next is up to you.

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bob o'neill

I believe the book can be a great tool to lead people onto the relationship God has always wanted to have with them. He is so good, a good Father and we are His children for all eternity. I also see this book being used by churches and small groups to grow in prayer and the realization of who they are in Him!

val celeste author of 'inheriting nations'

Soaked!  is a 'heaven kiss' kind of pocketbook that can help and empower every believer wanting to go deeper in their personal walk with God. There is always more in the presence of God. Soaked! will help us dive into His presence and be immersed in His goodness. And with so much noise around nowadays, Soaked! will help us focus on the one voice that really matters - the voice of God.

anita wong &

Soaked! is profound and easy to read at the same time. The essence of God’s being is revealed in such a simple way that I can fully understand who God really is. If you want to be in His presence in anytime of the day and anywhere you are, this book should be a must have item in your bag.

patria gonzales 

What was meant to be a book review, took me to a wonderful experience; literally felt peace and the loving presence of the Lord Almighty as I went over every page, wanting me to go on reading.

dini theresia 

The book "Soaked" is simple, deep, and also practical. I can follow how God reveals one by one about Rest, sweetly. I love to read about the 'activation' section, cause it helps me to take any action after I learn about Rest. I hope everyone will be transformed through this book. I believe, your life will never be the same after reading this book.

stefanny gunawan

Soaked! reminds me to rest in God's plan. To hold on to my hope and lean in His presence alone is the only way to find peace within my heart. This book, apart from teaching me how to stay calm, also provides practical ways that can be done in everyday life. Making it easy to understand and to simply enjoy.

milka lavenia | author of 'when you're in struggles, please read this - god'

I really love this "Soaked!" Book by Paul, as it is a simple book & gentle reminder for me to always seek Him first, no matter what's going on around me. As I read this book chapter by chapter, I realized how much I missed Him. How I really want to experience His Presence more, and soak to it! As Paul wrote in this book, "His Presence is your heart's true home", indeed.

arian jacildo

I like the idea of the bite size presentation of the book, particularly the short text that one can easily look back to while doing the activation even in a busy day.

david setiawan 

The world is never enough, His presence is more than enough. The book 'Soaked!' is the experience of enjoying more than enough, because there is the Father's heart in it. Reading it may not be enough, but enjoying God through the book 'Soaked!' more than enough. Once again Paul Yadao invites us to go deeper into the Father's heart, to know Him more than anything else, and that is more than enough.


I believe it will help the reader understand more on how to have an intimacy with God. It will guide the reader and learn the significance to be in His presence. I love the activation part in every topic as in real life situation and you can feel the reality of those examples, alive and based from your experience.

poppy permata

Soaked! is a simple yet profound reminder to intentionally take rest in God’s presence. With the whole pandemic the world has to offer, it is a timely message that despite the chaos and uncertainty we face, we can always find perfect peace in God. I believe anyone who struggles or learns to be mindful about making space to rest will find this book helpful with its core messages & practical ways to spend time with God.

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Are you having a hard time with being still? There are countless ways to spend time with God. This book will help and guide you on how to be still in His Presence, especially during this unprecedented time. Hope this bless you all.

Are you having a hard time with being still? There are countless ways to spend time with God. This book will help and guide you on how to be still in His Presence, especially during this unprecedented time. Hope this bless you all.