Second Chances

Do you have issues in your past that bog you down until now?

Do you walk around carrying stigma from past mistakes?

Have people’s words felt like brands on your forehead?

Have you been misunderstood?
Do you wish you could erase the past? Do you want a second chance?
A clean slate?

Sometimes people remember for a lifetime all the wrong things we have committed but forget in the blink of an eye all the right things we have done. Sometimes we believe how people judge us or we also judge ourselves and put on our own marks of condemnation.

God does not see us that way. He sees us with eyes of forgiveness, acceptance, and love. He values us not for the things we have done or have failed to do, but for who we are – His children.

If you believe in Him, He believes in you so much more. And He believes that the dreams He put in your heart can come to pass. He has placed a price tag on you that costs so much more than what you think you’re worth – priceless! That is how much your Maker values you.

With this kind of love, second chances are not hard to get.

If you have never experienced the love of God then this is an invitation for you to open your heart to Him. His arms are open wide to receive you, here and now.

If you already know of that exceptional encounter, then I invite you to dig deeper in the wells of His love. From there, let spring another level of friendship and intimacy with God—up to a level where you are so utterly intoxicated by Him that the mystery of His ways makes perfect sense and the miracles of heaven start to infiltrate your life.

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