The Power of Imagination

Why do we look forward to summer?  Because we can imagine frolicking at the beach, practicing for baseball or soccer, picnicking in the park, biking through lush greenery, and eating ice cream.  I bet these thoughts quicken your heart with excitement and anticipation.

That is the power of an imagination.  It gets us where you want to be.  To imagine is to think without limits.  Imagination fuels our dreams.  When we stop dreaming we stop progressing beyond where we are. That is why God is always inviting us to imagine and dream big.

Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.”  This verse is so pregnant with promise. We see here that for God there is no limit to what He can do and is willing to do through us and to us.  As for Him everything starts with His ability – God is able and His ability is limitless. However, the only measure of what we exactly received or experience is according to the working of His power within us. When we limit the power working within us, we limit what’s available for us. 

How big is your heart for Him? That is the measure of the working of His power within us. That is the reason why unbelief within one’s heart is so potent – it clouds the faith needed to unlock the power of His Word that is released in agreement with His heart.

Many times it is what we know in the past that hinders us from knowing what we should know and agreeing with what God wants to do at present and in the future. Yet for transformation to happen consistently, we have to learn how to build wisely on what we have known with the new revelations of God.

The secret of receiving from God is to have a heart that allows Him to freely move.  A heart that can receive freely is a heart that makes room for His Presence.  When we make room for Him within, He comes in greater measures. As we learn this process, our senses develop and mature. We begin to have our spiritual eyes and ears opened to be able to see and hear more and thereby receive more from what is available to us in heaven’s resources.

The more we get this rhythm of receiving more of His Presence and releasing it to address the needs of the world around us, the more our minds become aligned to the Mind of Christ. In the process, our physiological brain functions according to its intended design and purpose before the Fall- to be used for His glory. That is why renewed thinking brought about by progressive revelations and experiences of those revelations lead to our eventual transformation from within to without. We learn to move from the ordinary into the extraordinary, from the natural to the supernatural, and from the impossible to the possible in Christ.

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