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Seeing from Heaven

What you behold you become.

Sight is of the eyes but vision is of the heart. Our perception influences both our sight and our vision. We view things not as they are but as we are inwardly. The Scripture is clear about this “as the man thinks of himself, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

The truth we adhere to as reality and the way we view our circumstances greatly affects the way we make choices and live our lives. Wrong thinking leads to wrong perceiving which in turn leads to wrong living. We react, respond and make choices based on how our hearts and minds are shaped by our past experiences, social environments, core values, beliefs and how we see ourselves (self-image). And the kind of life we live in eventually is the summation of all the decisions (right or wrong) we so far made.

However, there is a superior way of seeing things; it is seeing everything from heaven. The view of the kingdom of God is totally contrary to how most of us view reality. The life of Jesus demonstrated this truth. He lived in a different realm as He walked this physical world as the Son of God and the Son of Man. Although He was very much on the earth bodily, He was not of the earth in soul and spirit. He confronted all His circumstances with Kingdom eyes. He perceived everything with a 20/20 vision through the Kingdom lenses. He saw all the needs, the circumstances, and the problems that surrounded Him from the world He lived in – heaven. Consistently He released the reality of heaven at all times demonstrating its supremacy and addressing everything with its resources. The reality He lived in by heart and by spirit was the reality He constantly displayed.

Jesus knew exactly where to get the answers whenever He is confronted by situations be it sickness, sin, wickedness, unbelief, lack, poverty, injustice, persecution or rejection. In the face of all these, even death itself, His heart was set like a flint towards the heavens. He was never overwhelmed by anything except the love of His Father for Him and the purposes of the kingdom of God. He pulled the resources of heaven to address the needs on earth.

In Colossians 3:1-4, Paul issued this invitation from heaven for all believers to fix their eyes on the things above and not on the things below. Part of our call to demonstrate and expand the kingdom of God as sons and daughters of God here on earth is to access heaven’s reality by faith with our Kingdom eyes. This happens when we set our minds and our hearts toward heaven where Jesus Christ is enthroned and at the right hand of the Father.

In that heavenly realm our life is hidden in Him. This is an awesome truth! The best of who we are is found IN HIM! In the heavens this is the reality about us. This becomes a present-day experience to us when we abide in His Word by faith. We must come in full agreement with it and make it our reality. What the Truth says we are and where we are, that’s who we are and where we are. This world has yet to see the unveiling of YOU IN HIM! Keep looking towards heaven because what you see you will seize. What you behold you become.

The reality we live inwardly (heart and mind) will eventually be the reality we are able to manifest and illustrate. The measure of the atmosphere of heaven we cultivate within is the measure we can release without.

We have to have kingdom eyes to be fully kingdomized!