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The Blessings of Sabbath Rest

Rest is God’s idea. We learned that God rested from all His works and delighted in them. He devoted a day to delight and celebrate in the beauty of His amazing creation. If we are to look at the significance of Sabbath through the Scripture, we will come to realize the richness of blessings this day of rest brings.

God blessed all of creation because He loved what He created. God delighted in all He did. He loves the world and all the mysteries and wonders in it. And in His sovereign love, He created man in His image and likeness, His offspring, to represent Him.  He blessed them as He loves them unconditionally.

Rest is holy. Sabbath day, the seventh day of God and the first day of man is blessed and holy unto the Lord. It’s important to understand that God did not bless a temple, or a certain special location where He will rest. He blessed and made holy, a time, a day. And not only this, while the rest of the days of creation, from day one on to the sixth day, the Scripture clearly highlights its beginning and its ending by these words, “there was evening and there was morning…”, the seventh day is quite unique. It doesn’t have the distinct boundaries of day and night. It is as if eternity can be found and experienced in a special time, in that moment of rest. It is the moment where heaven and earth became so one. God’s space, the heaven, completely becomes one with man’s space, the earth.

We find God delighting in us and bestowing His blessings, dreams, abilities and life as we enter His rest.  We find ourselves face to face with God and resting in His arms of love because He is our Father. We rest in Him as He delights in us. This is where God is inviting us to be in.